About Us

Factorydirectlubricants.com is a platform born from necessity to sell slow moving lubricants and fluids. Our objective is to reduce costs for our business and yours. We created win – win situations. We reduce our inventory by selling products near our cost and even below. You win by getting products to run your business cheaper than anywhere else.

Our goal at Factorydirectlubricants.com is to create a merchant platform matching companies with excess fluids and chemicals with companies who need to lower their operating costs. It is critical to drive costs out of our business and yours. This is done by keeping our operational cost low and our employee count down.

Our vision is to offer a full line of discounted products along with our overstocked and beyond use date products. The value we bring to the business community is providing competitively priced products for critical operations and out-of-date products for peripheral or non-critical missions.

Factory Direct Lubricants
P O BOX 3807
Dayton, OH 45417